Hidden Talents Exhibition

Artist Statement

As an artist I always seek to create pieces of art that speak to me and are inspired by different expressions and occurrences in nature thus stir up both my imagination and that of the onlooker. On one occasion it could be to create a glittering cave deep within the ocean, a hidden gateway to a secret underwater metropolis. On another occasion I might visualise a mighty hurricane that forms over the land causing thousands to panic and flee for their lives in fear of losing everything as this terrifying force imposes itself on the people and all that stands in its way. Although each occasion and piece of art comes out of imagination, there is a great sense of truth and reality displayed in the forces of nature. It can be frightening, soothing, rampageous, calm and peaceful, unpredictable, exciting, dark, enlightening, uncontrollable, ugly at times but abounding in both discovered and undiscovered beauty. These are only the associations of my imagination, but abstract art is open to interpretation. My desire is for my art to be decorative, however I also feel that there is and should be more to it than that. Through the use of thick textures emerging from the surface of the canvas, immersing the painting in vibrant colours, shapes and depth, I hope to draw people into the picture and into the world of their own imagination. It is fulfilling and gratifying when my paintings call out to people and I hear each persons’ own personal story, journey and interpretation that they have discovered in my work.

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